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What Our Customers are Saying:


Because I am not a technological expert, and I do not have hours to wait, I am grateful so grateful to have a place to go for knowledge, honesty, and recommendations that I can understand.

-Blind Response From Survey


I am pleasantly surprised to have such "sudden service", by such a nice young man. Now I hope to stay clear of scam artists. Thanks so much.

-Lorna and David Lane

Support Of course we paid you for computer and services, but I also want you to know how thankful we are to have found you! If I meet this looming deadline for next week, I'll have to add you two to my acknowledgements. Literally, if it were not for you, I could not do what needs to be accomplished.

You likely haven't seen the last of either Ray or me, but want you to know we both appreciate your help in an emergency and your patience with slow and old learners!



Great job on getting my MAC up to speed. It's like I bought a new computer. Very knowledgeable and professional. Awesome experience!


Support I was extremely pleased that all of my technical needs were accomplished in one fell swoop. It is wonderful to have in-house assistance like this.

Extremely polite and impressive technician.

-Blind Response From Survey

Support Thank you doesn't seem superlative enough!! I am so grateful for Rob's help last Friday. My computer set-up is so much better - the best it has been. Since Friday I have had all three devices "on" in iCloud, with no loss of my calendar or contacts! It is probably the first weekend without loss since I started using iCloud last fall. Virtual Box is great and has made my Mac functional for the first time in doing the work task that I have to do most often. All the devices seem to be doing what they are supposed to do, and I am doing a happy dance. Your coming to my home is a gift for me!


Support You were technically a genius. Your demeanor was professional but friendly, and you made your home visit to help me with my Mac fun.

-Blind Reponse From Survey

Support These people know their "stuff." I would highly recommend their services to anyone that has a creative agency and/or use Macs.


Support It was a pleasure working with Rob. He immediately understood what I wanted to do and how to make my Mac do it.



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